Great thanks for estate sale and clean-out in Great Falls VA

Dec 16, 2014 by

Testimonial from Art Reinhardt of Great Falls, Virginia. Orion’s Attic performed a two-fold service on his huge home. We conducted an estate sale to sell his vast collection of antiques, collectibles and household items and also provided a clean-out service – leaving the home broom clean. (We also took a few items that didn’t sell to retail stores where we rent space.)

Sept. 25, 2014

To:  Orion’s Attic:

Facing a real dilemma of downsizing from a multi-bedroom home with a massive 36-year accumulation of “stuff”, finding your service was a godsend.  You not only exceeded your professional promises (and my expectations) but carried out your services flawlessly and ahead of schedule. This relieved us of so many burdens and enabled us to make a worry free move.

Orion’s Attic are experienced professionals, trust worthy, reliable and no false promises. I highly recommend them and would be delighted to assure any prospective client to hire them; they will be well served.