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Sell Us Your Stuff – What You Need To Know

How to make us say "yes" when you're selling us your stuff

by Christopher Lancette
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Selling even great collections isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you’ve got great stuff that you’d like to sell, we’d love to buy it. But there is a lot you need to know about selling your antiques, collectibles and more. Here’s a quick overview:

We have to politely decline buying opportunities way more often than we say yes. There are a lot of reasons we have to be incredibly picky about what we buy. The collecting and reselling markets have changed dramatically over the past ten years so relatively few items in most homes are worth buying for us.

The ultimate question about selling your antiques and collectibles?

The ultimate question for us is whether the treasures in question are worth us taking the time to buy, transport, store and sell. Reselling items is the most time-intensive and least profitable part of our business. In general, we can only buy items that are in great demand, likely to fly off the selves fairly quickly, are valuable, and don’t weigh a ton. They also have to be in excellent condition (with some exceptions for truly rare objects).

We also can’t afford to buy low-value, one-off or small groups of items. For us to consider making a trip, there’s a minimum dollar value for the items. If you’ve got a handwritten letter from George Washington, we’ll be right there. A shelf full of Hummels? No can do.

Please also remember that your sentimental value does not equal market financial value.

Contact us today if you’ve got great stuff!

Learn more about selling antiques and collectibles:

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  1. A call comes from West Virginia, asking if we would be interested in purchasing a vintage sign collection. The seller inherited his father’s collection so that he could move on with selling the house.
  2. A Maryland man wanted to sell his museum-quality vintage toy collection to start a new life. We worked with him on consignment, got the job done, and learned valuable lessons about toys and about life.
  3. Selling a vintage vinyl records collection? We’re listening. But there is a lot to consider for sellers and buyers when it comes to selling a massive collection.

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