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The Green Choice for Your Estate Liquidation, Downsizing and Home Cleanout Needs

Our environmental ethics mean we do good for you and our planet

by Christopher Lancette
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Chris Lancette, a middle-age man with brown and gray hair wearing a black Orion's Attic hoodie, properly disposes of chemicals in the environmentally conscious way -- at the Montgomery County transfer station.

The green choice for your estate liquidation means we properly dispose of hazardous chemicals.

Orion’s Attic is the green choice for your estate liquidation, downsizing and home cleanout needs. We sell your treasures, transport donations to charities, recycle, upcycle, and properly dispose of household chemicals. We take to landfills only what must be trashed. Nobody has a stronger environmental ethic than we do. Nobody works harder than us to give second lives to more objects.

Looking for an environmentally conscious company that’s going to do good for you, your treasures, and our planet? Orion’s Attic is it! We take great pride in the sweat and back-breaking work of being the green choice for your estate liquidation needs.

Clients tell us every day that they chose our services because they love our commitment to the environment. They say they hired us because they wanted to honor their own lifetimes of acquisitions. The same is true when they hired us on behalf of loved ones who died. They say they wanted to honor to honor their lives. Big smiles cross their faces when they share that the deceased would be thrilled to know that so many of their possessions went on to fill other people with joy — or returned to life in new ways.

Orion's Attic recycling plastic

The environmentally conscious choice for liquidating your estate means we recycle as much as possible.

Our environmental ethics serve as a moral code of conduct that guides everything we do as a company. The code also directs how our cofounders and staff interact with the world.

Learn more about our earth-friendly work:

  • Our environmental policy statement lays out guiding principles and specific goals to make all of our estate liquidation, downsizing and home cleanout projects earth-friendly.
  • Our Montgomery County ECOWISE certification means that we can now properly dispose of more household hazardous waste than an individual homeowner.
  • Our Maryland Green Registry Program qualification shows that the Maryland Department of the Environment recognizes our environmental commitment.

Check out a few of our favorite green case studies that show our environmental principles in action:

  1. How to liquidate an estate the right way is a perfect illustration of our environmental commitment. It paints a picture of our entire estate liquidation and home cleanout process. This project shows how we recycle electronics, paper, metal, and plastic. It details how we give second lives to all kinds of objects.
  2. What happens when we find a no-longer-seaworthy boat? Orion’s Attic Upcycles the boat into a Monarch butterfly garden.

Interested in hiring the green choice for your estate liquidation, downsizing, or home cleanout project?

Contact us today! to find out how we can make your estate and personal property headaches go away — and do good for the planet.

Environmental Resources/Information

Favorite “Green” Charities/Nonprofit Organizations

  • A Wider Circle in Silver Spring, Maryland is our favorite organization for furniture donations. It’s the only nonprofit organization we know of that takes mattresses along with bed frames. We’ve been bringing truckloads of donations there for more than a decade. We bring our own personal possessions there, too.
  • Community Forklift in Edmonston, Maryland is where we take building materials, tools and more.
  • House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary in Gaithersburg, Maryland maintains an Amazon wish list on its website. We make financial contributions on a regular basis and ask all of our friends and supporters to do the same. One of our parents even makes a monthly donation!
  • Montgomery County Humane Society is a great place for us to drop off everything from pet food to dog beds and blankets.  When we’re doing jobs on the Virginia side of the Potomac River, we like to bring the same kinds of items to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

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