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OA Joins Montgomery County ECOWISE Program

Certification means we'll be able to handle more of our clients' hazzardous waste

by Christopher Lancette
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Montgomery County ECOWISE program certification means we'll be able to hanlde more of our clients' household and hazzardous chemicals.Orion’s Attic was born with an intense environmental ethic – and we grow greener by the day. Our latest earth-friendly news? We received our Montgomery County ECOWISE program certification letter from the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

This means we’re now allowed to bring more hazardous waste chemicals to the Montgomery County Transfer Station than an individual homeowner can bring. We provide this chemical disposal service for our estate liquidation and cleanout clients. Now our Montgomery County ECOWISE program certification allows us to do even more. We can make sure that everything from aerosol sprays to paint cans get disposed of properly. We just dropped off 70 pounds of such chemicals from one recent estate liquidation project!

Learn more about our conservation ethics in the Green Choice section of our website.

Are you looking for the environmentally conscious choice to solve your estate liquidation and downsizing needs?

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More about the ECOWISE program:

The ECOWISE program provides Montgomery County businesses, or Small Quantity Generators ( SQG), who generate less than 220 pounds (or 100 kg) of hazardous waste an inexpensive and convenient way of disposing of their hazardous material.

A SQG must also generate less than 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of acute hazardous waste per month.

Refer to Code of Maryland Regulations for a complete description of acute hazardous waste.

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