How To Choose The Right Estate Liquidation Option

Mar 16, 2023

The key to deciding how to choose the right estate liquidation option? Determine your most important priority. Here’s a...

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Don’t Become A Storage Unit Sucker

Feb 24, 2023

Storage unit rental companies are like crack dealers. They give you your first hit for free because they know you’ll be hooked...

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“Do I Need To Get An Appraisal Before Selling My Stuff?”

Feb 8, 2023

People often call us to ask, “Do I need to get an appraisal before selling my stuff?” Just as often, they jump right into...

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I Clean Out Hoarder Houses. Some Hoarding Jobs Are Even Harder Than Th...

Feb 7, 2022

{Ed. Note: Salon magazine first published this essay.  I run it here in hopes that it may be of use to more people afflicted by...

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Why We’re Willing To Lose Money By Rescuing A Cat

Jan 20, 2022

It happens to us all the time while my wife and I are running our estate liquidation company in the greater Maryland/Washington...

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Santa Stuffs Our eBay Store With Vintage Toys!

Dec 1, 2020

Great vintage toys are by far the hottest items in the collectibles world today — and also the absolute hardest for us to find....

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