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Orion’s Attic Shares Environmental Policy Statement; Hopes to Inspire Others

by Christopher Lancette
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Orion’s Attic is committed to reducing its impact on the environment – and we hope that sharing our environmental policy statement will inspire individuals and companies to do more to protect the earth and all living creatures. We will strive to improve our environmental performance over time and to initiate additional projects and activities that will further reduce our impact on the environment.

Our environmental commitment

Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, our staff, and the community in which we operate.  We:

  • Comply with all applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations
  • Train all of our staff on our environmental program and empower them to contribute and participate
  • Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our clients, customers, staff, and our community
  • Continually improve our environmental performance by setting annual goals to reduce our clients’ and our own carbon footprints and other adverse environmental actions. Make every possible effort to avoid throwing objects away and adding to landfills. Seek to accomplish this through means including by not limited to:
    1. Reselling as many objects as possible from clients’ homes, and promoting the idea of buying second-hand/boosting the circular economy
    2. Donating as many objects from clients’ homes as possible to nonprofit organizations and individuals in need
    3. Donating all unexpired non-perishable food from 100 percent of all clients’ homes
    4. Donating otherwise often non-donatable items such as bed sheets and blankets to animal-related charities
    5. Recycling as much metal, electronics and paper as possible from every client’s estate liquidation project
    6. Seeking creative ways to upcycle items ourselves and to provide items to people with the skills to do it
    7. Promoting the concept of upcycling through our website, social media and personal interactions
    8. Transporting as many household chemical products as possible to official disposal centers such as the Shady Grove Transfer Station in Montgomery County and similar sites in Washington D.C. and Virginia
  • Encourage staff to carpool to job sites, reducing the number of vehicles on the road
  • Promote owners’ personal green-friendly daily practices including solid waste reduction, composting, converting lawn grass to wildlife habitat and to food for human consumption, renewable energy, water conservation and stormwater management

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