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Couple offers McLean estate sale testimonial

by Christopher Lancette
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McLean estate sale testimonial from Julie M Mills & Gregory N. Newberry. Orion’s Attic provided both a junk removal service and an estate sale service for Julie’s father’s home on Walden Drive in McLean VA. We conducted the estate sale on Oct. 20-21, 2012.

21 November 2012

This letter of endorsement is long overdue, but appropriate coming the day before Thanksgiving!  We are very grateful and honored to have made the acquaintance of Chris & Won-ok of Orion’s Attic.  They were lifesavers when it came to preparing my father’s estate for sale.  The property had not been emptied out in over a five-year time period.  I could not bring myself to deal with the inevitable.

When I contacted Chris & Won-ok via phone and email, they were very quick to respond.  When I explained the situation to them and what needed to be done they listened carefully and made immediate arrangements to meet with us to see what they could do to assist.

The house was in disrepair and I was embarrassed to have anyone see it, but Chris quickly put my mind to rest explaining that in his line of work nothing was shocking and he was positive they could help.  Once we met in person, all my fears were put to rest!  Chris & Won-ok were kind, understanding, professional and respectful of my father’s belongings and our feelings.  They quickly came up with a plan of action so that we could get the ball rolling.

They have great resources and assisted us in contacting a trash dumpster provider.  But the best part was that they supervised the whole (junk removal) project with tender loving care.  They were very hands on and made sure that nothing of value was discarded and that no jar, drawer or pants pocket was left unturned!  This resulted in the discovery of valuables that would have been carelessly thrown away if not for a careful eye and meticulous search and rescue techniques.

They made a plan, provided a proposal/schedule and stuck with it.  They had a crew that whipped the estate into shape for the sale.  It was professionally organized and a gigantic success!  There were over 900-plus people in attendance thanks to their expert advertising and loyal following.  We especially like the fact that things that would not necessarily sell well were donated to charity.

When all was said and done – I received a phone call that said “I have some good news and some great news. Which do you want first?”  I said, “The good news.”  “The good news is you made money from the sale and the great news is that your house is now empty and free of clutter!”

We immediately went to work on repairs and put the house on the market last Sunday.  It’s only been on the market for four days and we have three serious offers!

This would not have been possible without Orion’s Attic /Chris & Won-ok.  We highly recommend them to anyone and everyone we speak with. However, the best part is that we’ve made some wonderful new friends that we cannot wait to get together with over this Holiday season and many more to come.

We’re grateful for this McLean estate sale testimonial and all the others we receive.

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