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Paul Wegner bronze sculptures for sale March 5-6

by Christopher Lancette
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Paul Wegner bronze "Close Enough for Jazz"

Paul Wegner bronze “Close Enough for Jazz”

[Update from March 2022: Please DO NOT contact us about the Wegner jazz sculpture. It sold many years ago. We no longer have it. We will not reach out to the person who bought it. We will not respond to any messages about it.] This Paul Wegner bronze sculpture “Close Enough for Jazz” signed by the gifted American artist is stunning. Photos don’t do it justice. You take one look at it and it simply stops you in your tracks. You feel compelled to soak it in, to lose yourself in time as your eyes roam the piece from every angle. Jazz music seems to enter your mind out of nowhere as you study the concentration in the hands and faces of the musicians. You wonder about the extraordinary amount of time the artist put into the piece. Pangs of angst and regret strike you if you step away from it without buying it right there on the spot. You know you’re simply not likely to happen by the piece again. The artist only made 175 of them and they don’t come up for sale often.

Our March 5-6, 2016 Falls Church estate sale at 1746 Pimmit Drive is your perfect opportunity to see this piece — to touch it with your own hands and let its beauty touch you.

Paul Wegner bronze sculpture "Pegasus"

Paul Wegner bronze sculpture “Pegasus”

It also happens to be one of a pair of Wegner pieces that will be for sale at our Falls Church estate sale, brought to you by Orion’s Attic, your favorite Northern Virginia estate sale company. (We also provide estate sale services in Maryland and Washington D.C.) The sale runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day. The other Paul Wegner bronze sculpture is “Pegasus,” a bronze so real-looking that you half expect it to fly past you.

“Close Enough for Jazz” stands approximately 34 inches tall by 28 inches wide. If you love jazz or bronze sculptures, this piece would make for the perfect signature piece in any home or office. This is No. 90 of only 175 that were made. (View many more Paul Wegner bronze sculpture photos of both pieces on our Facebook page.)

We’re not allowed to give out prices before the Falls Church estate sale but you can research the piece and the artist and find that major galleries are asking up to $16,000 for pieces like this. We are not asking gallery prices but we’re not going to fire-sale it, either. No early birds, pre-sales or advanced viewing. We hand out numbers to people who arrive before 9 a.m. on Saturday. We have a photocopy of the certificate of authenticity and can provide the original to the buyer. Background from the certificate sums up the Paul Wegner bronze sculpture nicely:

The artist is Paul Wegner. He was born in New York. As the son of a naval officer, he spent much of his childhood traveling with his family from coast to coast. These early encounters with many different people and ways of life play an important role in Wagner’s development as an artist. In his culture, he continues his search for the essence of American life – both yesterday and today.

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You can almost hear the music in your mind.

Paul Wegner has been commissioned to create monumental sculptures for numerous institutions including: the National Geographic Society Museum in Washington, D.C.; The Grand Coulee Dam for the Department of the Interior, and for the Naval Academy of the USA. His sculptures have exhibited in galleries around the world. Says Wegner, “I have recently completed a series of seven bronze sculpture additions called ‘A Touch of jazz’. I chose the subject matter because it incorporates so many of my interests in music, people and their characters. Jazz is a pure American art form. In these cultures I have encompassed the character and instrument as one, to embody the true, deep warmth and tempo of jazz.”

Publisher: This edition is published and distributed by Fine Art Acquisitions Limited of 11 Street, New York, New York 10022

Signature: Paul Wegner signed his signature in wax from with a stamp was made and approved. Each cast is stamped and numbered. The Fine Art Acquisitions Limited copyright and the mark of the Fine Art Acquisitions Foundry is stamped on each cast.

Medium: “A Touch of Jazz” Sculpture Collection is cast using the lost wax process. This edition is a cast at the Fine Art Acquisitions Foundry in California.

Date: Wegner created “A Touch of Jazz” Sculpture Collection in 1984 and the first casting was executed in 1984.

Do you have bronze sculptures or fine art to sell? Contact Orion’s Attic today. We’re always looking to buy and consign fine art, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, rare books, vintage toys, military items, sports memorabilia, historic objects and more. We also provide estate sale services in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia.

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