This Just In: “R.E. Lee, A Biography” Pulitzer Prize Edition 1936

Mar 14, 2015 by


R.E. Lee biography for sale in eBay store

General Robert E. Lee was a complex man. A hero to many, a villain to others, it takes a hefty tome to get your arms around the man. Famed journalist and historian Douglas Southall Freeman did such a good job of writing one that he earned the Pulitzer Prize for it — “R. E. Lee, A Biography.” We’re offering this four-volume set, “The Pulitzer Prize Edition,” published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in 1936. This handsome set is bound with gray boards with a gilt profile of Lee on each of the covers. This set aimed at both the serious reader of Civil War history and people who also enjoy displaying the beauty of old books in their homes.

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