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The joy of upcycling

Repainting garden animals is a labor of love -- and sound estate liquidation practice

by Christopher Lancette

This plastic frog would have died in a landfill but we rescued it and brought it back to life.There can’t be a more nature-loving estate liquidation than Orion’s Attic: Just look at our latest upcycling project. We made a client’s day by rescuing his mother’s huge collection of bleached-out and mildew-covered garden animals.  We promptly took them home and began repainting them in ways that brought them back to life and looking better than they did originally. Practicing sound environmental policies is at the heart of everything we do. And we definitely have a thing for animals — but not just because we’re named after one.

Breathing new life into a van full of plastic, ceramic and cement animals is a form of upcycling. The labor of love went far beyond restoration as we painted the animals in creative styles before adding them to the existing kingdom of animal-based art in our own yard. We gave new life to turtles, frogs, rabbits, foxes, chickens and more — adding fanciful colors to a crown-wearing frog and making him the greeter at our front door. We painstakingly added fine detail to a book-reading frog. A fox dressed in coat and tophat? We set him on a bench overlooking a previous upcycling project. That involved taking an abandoned fiberglass boat and turning it into a Monarch butterfly garden.

We didn’t stop there.

We added a colony of penguins to our backyard and began creating a snow-like surface for them to call home. Then we took a bedraggled bear and made him the official greeter at our driveway.

The work draws so much attention that people driving and walking by ask if they can take pictures. Many have asked us to give tours. We’re happy to do it. We love talking about our environmental ethics, including upcycling, and we love creating a fantasyland of garden animals in a yard that we rewilded for actual animals. The upcycling work represents who we are as people, and the environmental commitment we honor every day at Orion’s Attic.

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You can’t help but smile when you make a plastic bear feel like a real bear!


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