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Saving Money at Estate Sales Tip 2: Bundle!

by Christopher Lancette
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Creative bundling saves cash

There are a lot of simple ways to save money at Orion’s Attic estate sales. We have compiled our favorite eight tips and share them with you here, one at a time. We’ll publish the list as a whole when we’re done so you can pin these reminders to your fridge and save some bucks the next time you join us at an estate sale in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C. Here’s Tip No. 2.

2. Bundle! Frank Fritz from the mega-hit TV show American Pickers may the most famous bundler in the country but do you know who could be the next great bundle king or queen? You!

Smart estate sale shoppers recognize the truth in the old adage that “the more you buy, the more you save.” Orion’s Attic loves to offer deals to people who buy multiple items but we love it even more when shoppers come up with their own offers. An increasing number of our loyal shoppers at estate sales are mastering the Frank Fritz discounting plan that he uses at Antique Archeology.

Say you’ve never tried your hand at putting multiple items together in a package deal? Don’t sweat it. One way to work with us is to show us several bigger ticket items you like and ask us what kind of price break we could give you if you bought them all. Another approach is for you to make an offer on the same.

Bundles have the potential to work out great for you and us. We get to move multiple items in one transaction, meaning there are fewer items left over at the end of a sale that we will have to transport to one of our stores, and you save some cash. The quickest way bundles will save you money is on quality, higher-end pieces but they can also work for groups of inexpensive pieces.

Our favorite bundler is actually a couple who comes to many of our sales. We have a great relationship with them and we respect how they shop. At our “Tool Time Sale” in Silver Spring, Maryland, they rolled a wheelbarrow full of miscellaneous tools and other items to the pay counter and made an offer for everything there, including the wheelbarrow. The price they gave sounded reasonable and saved us from a lengthy session with a calculator. We accepted the offer without even trying to negotiate for a higher price. They saved us time. We saved them money.

Bundle up, America!

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