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Paradigm Experts makes selling jewelry transparent and profitable

by Christopher Lancette
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Selling quality gold, silver and jewelry can be a tricky, mysterious process that often leaves sellers uncertain about whether they received a fair deal. It can be tough even for people in the antiques and collectibles business like us.

Steve Gouterman (R) and Zibby Koppelman of NovaGold

Start with precious metals. If you’re looking to sell gold or silver, you have two options. I’ll give you the hard one first. Call five jewelry shops or pawn shops and ask them this question: “What percentage of scrap value do you pay for gold and sterling silver?” My own experience has been that you will not get a straight answer from any of the five. The person on the other end of the phone will stumble and stammer, yapping vagaries about the constantly changing values for gold and silver. They’ll find other ways to avoid answering the question directly, too. You could also drive from shop to shop seeking straight answers but that’s not likely to yield any greater clarity.

Here’s a better option: Call our friends Steve Gouterman or Zibby Koppelman at Paradigm Experts and ask them the same question. You’ll get an actual number as well as a detailed explanation as to how the company arrives at that figure. Better yet, they’ll even come to your house to buy your gold, silver and quality jewelry. No need to worry about walking around with a bag full of treasure that could be stolen, lost or damaged. Won-ok and I are in the sales business and even we go to great lengths to avoid walking around with valuable items.

That’s why we sat down with Paradigm Experts today. Steve and Zibby explained in 30 seconds exactly what they would pay for the gold we had, examined our pieces and wrote us a check. We have worked with many jewelers over the past few years including one other great company in Towson, Maryland that I’ll write about another time. NovaGold, though, made our sales process transparent and informative. That’s going to make our job at Orion’s Attic easier in the future as we often serve clients with high-end diamonds, precious gems, gold and silver. Those high-dollar pieces can be difficult to sell at our estate sales and we have to guard against theft.

The easy solution for us now is going to be to work with Paradigm Experts so that our clients know that they can get paid immediately and fairly while we concentrate on selling everything else in their homes including costume jewelry. Paradigm Experts doesn’t handle costume jewelry but we love it. We buy and sell a ton of it and really enjoy helping people add fun, fashionable pieces to their jewelry chests without breaking their piggy banks.

If you need to sell the entire contents of your home, Orion’s Attic would be happy to handle your estate sale. If you need to sell gold, silver, diamonds and other expensive jewelry, do yourself a favor and call Paradigm Experts. Make sure you tell them Orion’s Attic sent you!





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