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What’s My Lladro Figurine Worth?

Market for Lladro figurines is lukewarm at best

by Christopher Lancette
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Beauty of Lladro birthplace in Valencia, Spain doesn’t mean there’s much demand

There’s not much magic left in the value of Lladro figurines.

Lladro figurines have a few minor things going for them: The porcelain pieces are reasonably attractive, and they’re well made. They don’t remotely compare to the beauty of the breathtaking city — Valencia, Spain — where they’re made, but they’re pretty enough. (I lived there once so free life tip for you: Make a point in life of spending time in Valencia.)

Nothing rare enough about Hummels to drive up value

When it comes to answering the question of what’s my Lladro figurine worth, you first need to understand that Lladros are some of the most common collectibles on the market today. There are a ton of them available, and only a lukewarm market for them. The mild market is still better than that for dead-on-arrival figurines like Hummels and Royal Doulton. But not by a great deal.

Certain older and more rare Lladro figures can be worth some pretty pennies if you identify the ages properly. If you tried to sell them directly on your own through eBay or other means? You might be able to gross $200 or more for Lladro Flor Maria/Spanish Girl With Flower Basket. I myself might be partial to that one as I fell in love with a woman named Eva Maria when I lived in Valencia in my youth.

But there are not a lot of buyers out there who fell in love with a woman named Eva Maria in Valencia in their youth.

Pretty small demographic there.

Don’t believe what you read on some websites about high values for Hummels

You’ll easily find misleading information on the Internet about the value of Lladro figurines.

This is true for most items on the Net. That’s part of what we’re doing with our posts — giving you the straight scoop. Don’t believe any article that refers to a “price guide” for the value of a collectible. Price guides have little basis in reality when it comes to values as they don’t reflect the prices items are typically bought and sold for on a given day.

The more typical sale value range for Lladro figurines is $50 to $75, and that’s if the pieces are in mint condition with the original box. Black Americana Lladro figures are slowly starting to simmer, so the market is moving in a better direction there.

If you’re looking to sell your Lladro figurines to dealers like us, we’re not inclined to pay much for them if we do take them on. While other dealers may not be willing to give you honest answers, I’m willing to share that I’m rarely interested in paying more than one-third the price of what we HOPE we can sell a Lladro for — and hope is not a sales strategy.

The majority of Lladro figurines we buy are going to sit in our eBay store for a very long time despite us lowering the prices on a regular basis, then we’re going to end up dumping them at an auction house to sell for whatever little they may bring there.

When analyzing the question of what is my Lladro figurine worth, or any other collectible, you have to consider how much time and work goes into selling it — and that a lot of pieces just don’t sell.

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