Pyramid Atlantic appreciates OA fundraising efforts

Oct 17, 2012 by

Jose Dominguez

Testimonial from Pyramid Atlantic Executive Director Jose Dominguez on Orion’s Attic raising $6,900 and counting from our Upscale Yard Sale fundraising services over the past year. Pyramid Atlantic is a contemporary arts center in Silver Spring, Maryland dedicated to the creation and appreciation of hand papermaking, printmaking, digital arts, and the art of the book.

“Orion’s Attic is a special organization that cares about people and the bottom line.  Since we began working with them, they have shown a real commitment to helping Pyramid Atlantic raise more money for its arts & education programs and they have delivered. They are involved the whole way from helping to identify the merchandise, to how to price it, to how to work with volunteers, to pick up, implementation of the yard sale and clean up. Wow!  I look forward to their yard sale every year because of the funds raised and because I have the opportunity to work with this great group of people.”

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