Pat and Ken Moss praise Orion’s Attic house clean-out service in Bethesda MD

Sep 12, 2012 by

Testimonial from Pat and Ken Moss of Silver Spring, Maryland, on using Orion’s Attic to handle the clean-out of a parent’s home in Bethesda:

We hired Orion’s Attic to clear out the house that my (Pat’s) mother had lived in for 50 years. It was completely full – every single room. They helped us clear everything away. It was just a miracle, actually. Every room was full. The attic was full. The basement was full. Every space was filled – and they cleared it all out. We had four (giant) dumpsters of trash that they cleared out.

We are completely satisfied with everything Orion’s Attic did. They actually went beyond our expectations. And now we can sell the house, which was not possible before.

The first day they came, we knew they were going to be able to do the job because they were so fast and efficient, and actually quite cheerful about it, too.

They came in with their crew. What was great was that they found the right people for the right portions of the mess. They had people taking (sellable) items on consignment. They had other things for charities – sewing materials, furniture and books. It was very exciting to see that a pile of junk was not junk but was gold for other people.

They were professional and helped in a very difficult, emotional situation of clearing out a family home. They were able to sort things into items that were usable and not usable – something we couldn’t even face.

We are very satisfied with Orion’s Attic. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to everybody we know, to all our friends and family. We just want to say that Chris and Won-ok from Orion’s Attic can literally move mountains. They have all this positive energy and they can do it.

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