Our Values

Who We Are Our Name

Everyone at Orion’s Attic wears our values on our sleeves (especially when wearing our spiffy black t-shirts and hoodies). Eight values in particular summarize our approach to business and to the world.OATShirt

  1. Our mission is to make a difference, not just a living.
  2. We help people solve problems.
  3. We go to great lengths to rescue objects and give them second lives. We sell, donate, upcycle, recycle, and repurpose everything possible. We take great pride in our land and conservation ethics.
  4. We focus on doing the right things and trust that the right things will happen to us.
  5. We tackle and finish every job with enthusiasm.
  6. We exceed shopper and client expectations.
  7. We treat all clients and all their possessions with great respect.
  8. We treat all clients’ time, money and treasures as if they are our time, money and treasures.

Our success generates income for ourselves, our clients, our staff of youth and adults, entrepreneurs that we nurture, companies we partner with, service providers and stores where we spend money. We contribute tax revenue to the county, state and country.

Who We Are Our Name