Holt Ennis likes blazing speed of Orion’s Attic junk removal, estate sale services

Apr 30, 2013 by

Testimonial from Holt Ennis. Orion’s Attic provided two services for his brother’s estate in Silver Spring, Maryland. We did a junk removal job to remove an enormous amount of trash and debris from the home — filling a 30-yard dumpster and using two huge bulk trash pick-ups from Montgomery County. We then organized the quality items that remained and conducted an estate sale that cleaned out the rest of the home, generated revenues for his brother’s beneficiaries and made the home itself ready to sell.

Holt Ennis

April 30, 2013

Orion’s Attic solved an estate problem for me. I had to deal with a house full of valuable specialized tools. Large amounts of non-valuable material and ordinary household effects were mixed with the valuable items. I tried to separate out the more valuable items and sell them, but I could achieve only a low rate of sales.

I took what seemed like a chance when I handed the problem to Orion’s Attic. However, Orion’s Attic resolved the situation with blazing speed. The energetic team had the house 99% cleaned out well before the date named in an aggressive schedule. The firm rapidly organized and publicized a sale that generated excellent profits. It researched waste disposal actions to find the lowest cost methods.

Orion’s Attic welcomes challenges and enjoys devising creative solutions for difficult problems. The firm can offer more than one solution for the same problem.

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