Greg and Jean Porter glad estate sale emptied Glenn Dale MD house

Apr 12, 2013 by

Testimonial from Greg and Jean Porter. Orion’s Attic conducted an estate sale at Greg’s parents’ home in Glenn Dale, Maryland on April 6-7, 2013, and sold out virtually everything in the home so that they could put the house on the market. Orion’s Attic also worked with the Porters’ real estate agent, Barbara Remias, during the sale to attract home buyers.

Jean and Greg Porter

April 12, 2013

Greg: I hired Orion’s Attic to empty my mother’s home, which was definitely overwhelming to me – and something I couldn’t have accomplished without them. Orion’s Attic came in and pretty much cleared the entire contents of the house. Let’s face it, after their first day of preparation work for the sale, I couldn’t believe the way the house looked. It was wonderfully staged. They’re done now and I’ve never seen it this empty in my life. It will be much easier to sell the home because of the sale. I never realized these rooms are as large as they are. My mother had an incredible amount of stuff. [Jean: What house has two organs?] We had the organs, three or four couches, complete dining room set, and three floors full of all kinds of other things. Won-ok and Chris have a great work ethic. I couldn’t have done what they did if I had months to try to do it. [Jean: Chris is like the “Energizer Bunny” and Won-ok is like a mountain goat that can lift more than her weight and carry it up stairs.]

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