Ask The Attic: What’s My Swarovski Crystal Figurine Worth?

Feb 6, 2023 by

Value Of Large Swarovski Crystal Figurines Can Fly High Like An Eagle

A stunning Swarovski crystal bald eagle stares out across the horizon from his perch atop a tree.

We’ll help you sell all the large Swarovski crystal animal figurines you’ve got!

We have to give people a lot of bad news every day when they call us about selling their treasures.

But not when it comes to answering the question of what’s my Swarovski crystal figurine worth!

We’re always looking for collections of Swarovski figurines — particularly the larger-sized (6 to 14 inches and up) birds, animals, and wildlife of all kinds. A client called us last year and told us that her mother had a big collection of them — all in mint condition and all with their original boxes.


Rather than making a cash offer in which the client would have made less money (and we would have made more), we tackled the project on a consignment basis — our commission based on the final sales price of each piece. (The bigger bucks the sale, the lower our commission.) While most clients, and we ourselves, prefer to buy collectibles outright, we will work on consignment when a collection’s value is high enough — and demand hot enough (and client patient enough) — to warrant all the time and paperwork this requires.

We sold a Swarovski crystal mouse with cheese for more than $100, a red-crowned crane for $150, a bumblebee on a flower for $250, all kinds of dragons for several hundred dollars each, a swan for more than $500, cockatoos for nearly $600,  and a macaw for about $1,000.

We sold Buddha for about $600. Not quite sure how he or the universe felt about that, but the sale gave us a taste of nirvana.

We sold an absolutely breathtaking Swarovski crystal bald eagle for nearly $3,500 — and we could possibly have sold it for another $1,000 if the client had been willing to let us hold on to it for another year in hopes of finding the buyer willing to pay the most. A bird in hand was clearly more profitable than two in the air.

The history of the Swarovski company is interesting and sometimes unsettling, but that has little bearing on the answer to the question of what’s my Swarovski crystal figurine worth today.

If you’re looking to sell large Swarovski crystal figures, the cash register is about to start ringing.

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A Swarovski crystal figurine featuring a red fish twisting upward stands in front of its original blue box.

Collectors love pieces that are not only in mint condition but still sit inside their original boxes.