Ask The Attic: What’s My China Cabinet Worth?

Feb 3, 2023 by

The Demand for China Cabinets Is Nonexistent

A large glass-front china cabinet sits unwanted in a home.

The only way we take china cabinets today is when people are paying us to haul them away.

Answering the question of what’s my china cabinet worth is an easy one: Most china cabinets are worth between nothing and a negative number.

A negative number, you ask?

That means china cabinets cost more to move than they sell for — if buyers can even be found. Auction houses don’t want most china cabinets. Consignment shops don’t want them. Charities routinely reject them.

The harsh truth, as is the case for so many big brown and black pieces of furniture, is that no one cares about china cabinets.


People don’t use or display china anymore. The era of china cabinets and china is gone, and it’s not coming back. Doesn’t matter how beautiful the china cabinet is, or how much your grandmother loved it. There’s a zillion of them available on the market, and very few people who want to buy them. The bigger it is, the darker the color — the more today’s market resents china cabinets.

China cabinets are a nuisance.

Stupid stories like this one by Apartment Therapy are lying to you. I challenge anyone from Apartment Therapy to buy a china cabinet with his or her own money and then try to resell it.

Good luck with that.

If you possess a china cabinet that was owned by George Washington, and you can prove it, you can find a buyer for it.

Otherwise, call a bunch of charities and beg them to take a china cabinet and maybe you’ll find one if you make enough calls — but most charities won’t enter a home and remove big furniture anymore. You can, if you’re so inclined to deal with a bunch of strangers on the Internet, try selling a china cabinet online. If you’ve got the muscle, you can set yours in the front yard and try to give it away for free.

If you’re artistic and you want to take the time to do something creative that will make a china cabinet less ugly and more useful, maybe you can pull off a sale.

Anything you can do to give away a china cabinet will at least prevent you from having to pay a company like us to haul it away.

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We’ll have to pass on your china cabinet, though.

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