Frank Kowing Stick Art Discovery Up For Auction

Aug 14, 2017

Editor’s Note: Orion’s Attic is proud to partner with Everything But The House on a special upcoming auction of the life’s work of Maryland artist Frank Kowing. The online auction begins Sunday Aug. 27, 2017 and runs until Thursday Aug. 31, 2017 at 8 p.m. Eastern. Click directly on the auction here. More than 150 Kowing pieces will be in this auction, while more will follow at later dates. You will find a fantastical world of vivid two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional stick art, or found object art. You will find an eye-popping array of pieces that include political figures such as Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Osama bid Laden and more. Explore commentary on a diverse array of subjects and world events. Examine society from an unusual perspective. From whimsy to...

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Please your eyes at Potomac estate sale June 13-14

Jun 1, 2015

Our next big estate sale on June 13-14 at 9604 Sotweed Drive in Potomac, Maryland will provide all kinds of pleasure for your eyes – and chances to pump up your muscles, too. This humongous home is brimming with a wide array of fine art from oil on canvas paintings to art glass and countless other signed pieces of eye candy. It also houses an impressive home gym that compliments a collection of sports gear and memorabilia. Love Asian art? Potomac has it. Love Mid-Century Modern? Covered. Fine jewelry including gold, silver and high quality watches? Of course. And don’t forget the tools and hardware. There’s a mini Home Depot in the basement. Wrap that all up with a fascinating mix of collectibles, kitchenware, rugs, vintage cameras, clocks, books, records and a smattering of...

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This Just In: Rainbow of carnival glass shines on our eBay store

Mar 6, 2015

We jumped at the chance to purchase this collection of vintage carnival glass from a client in Alexandria, Virginia, who won’t have space to display it in his new home. We picked up more than 40 pieces in all and began placing them for sale in our OrionsAttic eBay store on March 6, 2015. See the Decorative Glass section to soak it all in. We hope to have the whole collection up within a few more days, including some Depression glass that came with it. My personal favorite so far is the L.E. Smith teal green carnival glass bowl. I’m not quite sure why that one grabs me. Maybe the color reminds me of the day I spent in Florida with my sister Heather, when I confronted my life-long fear of water by attaching...

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Orion’s Attic eBay store booming with wide range of collectibles

Feb 10, 2015

Our eBay store is getting bigger by the day with new listings posted almost every day. Visit our eBay store to shop for a tremendous range of antiques, collectibles, jewelry and more from the comfort of your home or phone. We don’t even know what we may list next because we run into such a fascinating variety of objects all the time. On any given day, we might run into a Teddy The Tugboat Art Glass collection, vintage to antique toys, antique photo albums, fine and costume jewelry including gold and sterling silver, great old books, records, gadgets, dolls, sports memorabilia, historic items, autographs, art, china, music boxes, grandma’s kitchen implements, Americana, decorative glass, oddities and more. Be sure to stop by our eBay shop in a frequent basis! Do you have great stuff...

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This Just In: Boyd’s Crystal Art Glass Teddy the Tugboat 35-piece collection...

Dec 31, 2014

Love beautiful art glass that is even more radiant when light strikes it? Claim our collection of 35 Boyd’s Crystal Art Glass “Teddy The Tugboat” figures. All 35 are marked on the underside with Boyd’s distinctive diamond B with an underline – indicating they were made from 1983 to 1988. Our Tugboats were actually the first 35 in the series of 74 that were produced all the way up to 2011. The whole collection goes live on our eBay page on Jan. 1, 2015 at 4 p.m. Visit and then click on “eBay store” at the top to bid! (You’ll find a video of the boats there, too.) All of Boyd’s pieces are now going to be harder to find as the Cambridge, Ohio company announced in December of 2014 that it sold...

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Great thanks for estate sale and clean-out in Great Falls VA

Dec 16, 2014

Testimonial from Art Reinhardt of Great Falls, Virginia. Orion’s Attic performed a two-fold service on his huge home. We conducted an estate sale to sell his vast collection of antiques, collectibles and household items and also provided a clean-out service – leaving the home broom clean. (We also took a few items that didn’t sell to retail stores where we rent space.) Sept. 25, 2014 To:  Orion’s Attic: Facing a real dilemma of downsizing from a multi-bedroom home with a massive 36-year accumulation of “stuff”, finding your service was a godsend.  You not only exceeded your professional promises (and my expectations) but carried out your services flawlessly and ahead of schedule. This relieved us of so many burdens and enabled us to make a worry free move. Orion’s Attic are experienced professionals, trust worthy,...

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