Christmas villages come to holiday market

Dec 5, 2011

  Mark Braden was working his way through the painful process of clearing out his father’s house after he passed away when he stumbled into something that connected him to his mother Alice Marie Braden … boxes full of Christmas village scenes that she hand painted decades earlier in their Milwaukee home. “Oh my God!,” Braden said to himself when he found the boxes. “She was extremely talented and made all kinds of things. She wanted to sell all of her work, to get it out there to people, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking her work to the market.” Braden made his first appearance at the Georgetown Flea Market on Dec. 4, where Orion’s Attic spotted him. We were down there doing some buying and recruiting more vendors for the Flower Avenue...

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Flower Avenue Holiday Market Springs to Life on Saturdays

Dec 1, 2011

We’re excited to report that our up-and-coming home-based business has launched the Flower Avenue Holiday Market on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through December 24. Located at the corner of Flower Avenue and Arliss Street in Silver Spring, Maryland, the market is designed to achieve several short-term and longer-term goals that center around the idea of linking community with commerce. For the holidays, we want to create a new destination in our own neighborhood for people to shop locally and for entrepreneurs to generate income. Along with a number of our vendors, we live within minutes of the Holiday Market. We hope everyone in Montgomery County and beyond comes out to peruse antiques, art, books, collectibles, furniture, hand-made clothing and accessories, holiday baskets, jewelry, and all kinds of other treasures. This is...

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End of the road for eBay?

Apr 23, 2011

Everyone knows that bad things happen to good people, but isn’t it also nice when you see bad things happen to people — and companies — that really have it coming? eBay’s latest assault on sellers has them howling mad, including newcomers like us. Although the Orion’s Attic eBay store is bringing in a few bucks, the “Fee-Bay” decision to start charging a commission on shipping means that many sellers’ already scarce profits will be much more likely to wind up on the endangered species list. The company is spinning the news as an effort to “help” sellers because it’s reducing the fees for listing items. If taking off a dollar on the front end of its fee structure only to take $2 or more on the back end is help, many will prefer...

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