PostHeaderIcon Upscale Yard Sale packed with toys, jewelry and more set for SUNDAY NOV. 23 in Silver Spring

Antique cast iron policeman

UPSCALE YARD SALE MOVED FROM SATURDAY NOV. 22 TO SUNDAY NOV. 23. HOURS AND ALL OTHER DETAILS THE SAME. WE’LL RUN SALE FROM 9 TO AT LEAST THREE ON SUNDAY NOV. 23. We apologize for the inconvenience. We did not realize a Thanksgiving parade would be blocking off that part of Georgia Avenue.

Orion’s Attic is going back to our roots by throwing a humdinger of an “Upscale Yard Sale” on SUNDAY NOV. 23, 2014 from 9 a.m. until at least 3 p.m. We’ll be setting up a couple of big tents on the corner of one of our favorite charities, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, located at 8230 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. You’ll be able to gobble up some great pre-Turkey Day treasures while also helping us raise a little more money for Pyramid Atlantic as we will donate part of our revenues to the fantastic nonprofit organization.

If you weren’t with us in our early days, you haven’t seen a yard sale like this before. Forget Mom’s old socks and Dad’s rusty golf clubs. Our Upscale Yard Sales are smaller-scale estate sales filled with great stuff we’ve purchased on estate buyouts that weren’t big enough to host sales. Think more of Mom’s vintage jewelry and Dad’s old toys – with good stuff from Grandma and Grandpa, too.

You’ll be surprised by how much high-quality merch we can stuff inside some tents. We’re packing this sale with vintage toys, jewelry, sports memorabilia, china, decorative glass, art and a few pieces of furniture and much more. (View more than 400 photographs on our Facebook page and check back throughout the week to see what else we ad. Note we’ll be bringing more than we have time to photograph.)

Our Upscale Yard Sale features a ton of vintage finds including:

Vintage Sport magazine with Jackie Robinson

TOYS: Exceptionally rare cast iron Champion policeman on motorcycle (1930s), Tonka vehicles such as the Mighty Tonka Black Jeep Bronco, Car Carrier No. 840 (1962),  NYLINT vehicles including Timber Transport Logging Truck, Aerial Hook and Ladder Fire Truck, Gasohol Toy Tanker Truck, NAPA Automotive Parts Delivery Truck, 1970s Matchbox and Hot Wheel sets in cases, Sun Rubber Company car, CORGI Seagrave 70th Anniversary Pumper, a variety of die-cast metal trucks and cars by CORGI, Trust Worthy and others, a slew of banks, leather cap gun belt, Star Yacht sailboat made in England, tin lithograph train cars by Louis Marx and others, United Feature Syndicate Snoopy cars (1950s), eclectic mix of dolls and stuffed animals, piles of Pez dispensers.

JEWELRY: Antique and vintage jewelry, including antique Native American-made necklace with silver and green turquoise, silver and turquoise rings, gold/sterling rings with various stones, antique hand-carved ivory bracelets, bakelite pins, locket made of butterfly wings, assortment of men’s and women’s watches, and mountains of costume jewelry including earrings, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, and more.

SPORTS MEMORABILIA: 1940s and 1950s Sport magazines with stories on Jackie Robinson, Christy Mathewson, Roy Campanella, Babe Ruth, Bob Lemon, Ted Williams, Yogi Berra, Lou Boudreau, Joe Dimaggio, Andy Phillip, Rocky Marciano, and more; NBA jerseys representing players Scottie Pippen (Bulls) and Gilbert Arenas (Wizards) , NFL jerseys representing Ricky Williams (Saints and Dolphins), Jeremy Shockey (Giants), Brandon Jacobs (Giants), Terrell Owens (Eagles), Keyshawn Johnson (Jets) and T.J. Houshmandzadeh; Baltimore Colts pennant

Tons of vintage jewelry for sale

CHINA, DECORATIVE GLASS, BARWARE: Staffordshire Blue Transferware, Pink Depression Glass, Platinum Wheat pattern fine china made in Japan, cordial set, Murano glass vases.

HISTORY: Theodore Roosevelt signed appointment document (U.S. Navy).

HOME DÉCOR AND FURNITURE: Vintage wood wagon turned into coffee table, hand-made and signed facial figure lamp made in Haiti, antique quilts including one from 1917, two sets of Kurt Adler Fiber Optic Christmas lights new in box.

ART: Two antique family photo album books from the 1800s, Douglas airplane drawing portfolio, nude woman limited edition signed photograph, wood sculpture of woman carrying water, packs of black and white photo reprints of historic downtown Frederick, Maryland.

MISC: Vintage Dietz Gen drafting set; Decorative stamp booklets on subjects including trucks, pets, insects, snakes, turtles, lizards, wildlife and Alaska; Partridge Family record; Nelson Family TV show print; old Match book album;

We’ll add more good stuff to the sale than what we list here. If we can fit it on the truck, we’ll bring it!

Sale starts promptly at 9 p.m. Please try to avoid parking inside the Pyramid Atlantic parking lot, especially if it’s crowded. Turn on to Ripley Street beside Pyramid Atlantic and look for parking along that street. There is also plenty of metered parking in every direction. No early birds.

Do you have great stuff to sell or know someone who needs a full estate sale or estate liquidation? Contact us today!


PostHeaderIcon First Dibs: Your advanced look at sparkling jewelry, crazy gumball machine, funky lamp

You’ve been asking for it and now we’re giving it a shot: Here’s your chance to see and buy some great new finds before we put them on sale to the general public. We’re offering a special discount, too! All you have to do is join our e-newsletter list, which you can do from our Orion’s Attic Web site, or Follow us on Facebook.

We just got in some gorgeous vintage gold, silver and costume jewelry, two gumball machines including one with a rotary phone attached to it and a few other nifty pieces.

We are giving our loyal e-newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers a 48-hour head start on perusing and purchasing these items. We are placing all of these pieces on a special Facebook photo album. Click here to view. You will see many close-up photos of each item, along with size, weight, pricing and shipping information in the caption of the FIRST photo of each item. All you have to do to claim it first is state in that first photo of the piece that you want. We’ll contact you from Facebook to arrange payment and shipping.

As an added bonus, we’ll even give you a 7-percent discount on all items and waive the 3-percent credit card fee — so you’re saving 10 percent in total! We’ll also throw in free shipping on jewelry.

This offer runs for 48 hours, starting at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday October 22 and lasting until Friday Oct. 24 at 10:30 a.m. After that, we will take any remaining items to the general public.

We’ll try to find more opportunities to provide you with advanced looks at some of the great stuff we find. Hope you like this first batch!


PostHeaderIcon A “beary” good day of picking in Silver Spring MD and beyond

Won-ok and I got up early on a recent Saturday and pounded the streets in our Silver Spring, Maryland neighborhood during a community- wide yard sale. We’re always on the prowl for great stuff to buy and sell and it’s not often that we get to do so in our own back yard. The first dozen sales we visited tanked. Nothing there for us.

We hit pay dirt on the next stop, catching a former foreign correspondent for a newspaper (yes, that job used to exist) just as he was setting up. He was late to the party and it worked out perfectly for us. We had a pocket full of cash we were itching to spend. He had a bunch of stuff he brought home from around the globe that he wanted to ditch and he didn’t much care about the money. We bought a bunch of beautiful wooden masks from Central America, African spears, Central American knives and a killer lamp from Haiti in the form of a face.

Our new friend told us about his career as an old-fashioned news man and I couldn’t get enough. I was a journalist once and still miss it to this day. Then he pointed me to a stunning stone sculpture of a green bear eating a white fish while standing in a river running through a mountain. I absolutely loved it. I stood in waters exactly like that in Alaska in 1991 and wish I had been able to witness a scene like that in person. I wanted the piece.

“I picked this up in Anchorage,” the scribe said.

Oh my goodness. I no longer wanted it: I needed it.

“I paid $300 for it,” he said. I’d take $100.”

I almost sprained my fingers reaching into my pockets so hard and so fast. It was beautiful. I damn near cried. I told him I would keep it for the rest of my life. I’m still fired up. That is my kind of art – wildlife, especially items that bring back memories of critters I’ve seen and ground I’ve walked.

We took several other wildcard items on consignment – a nifty lamp made in Israel and a huge, heavy wood window with shutters from southern India. He wanted them gone and we had no idea what to pay, or if we could find the buyers.

The old-school journalist invited us into his house to see a few things he was not selling, including a limited edition print made by the handprint of none other than Nelson Mandela. Incredible. I got to see Mandela speak in Atlanta after he got out of prison. I don’t remember the context of what he said but I remember how everyone in the stadium seemed to feel: We were touched and united by the power of his humble words.

Lamp from Haiti

Won-ok and I were both pumped, buying and consigning authentic, funky and uncommon items. Those are what make our work rewarding. Love stuff like what we bought from our new neighborhood friend. We both also noticed how much we easily left alone — bottom feeder, boring items that we would have scooped up in our infancy. Yes we could have bought milk glass for $.50 apiece but why? It’s boring and hard to sell.

We made a few more stops in our neighborhood, handed out more business cards, returned home, added an antique Chinese desk to the fresh merchandise packed in the car and cruised toward Copper Fox Antiques in Sperryville, Virginia. We sell a lot of furniture and a ton of china there.  Two-thirds of the way down the road, the delightful scent of grilled hotdogs and hamburgers wafted into the windows of our Prius. We saw that the Fauquier County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was hosting a fundraiser. Orion’s Attic is named after a shelter-rescued dog and we love to help animal charities when we can. We were also hungry! We bought a few hotdogs and some chips, handed the SPCA a $20 bill and told the volunteer to keep the $15 change because we appreciated what the organization does. I even got to give a friendly pooch of good old-fashioned belly rub.

We reached Copper Fox, took care of business there and began to make our way back home. We caught at a moving sale on our way out, bought a little sculpture and marveled at a painting of a bear standing in a nearby Shenandoah Mountains stream done by the artist homeowner. He said he priced the piece at $2,000 in a gallery but was downsizing and selling a bunch of his work at half off. I almost pulled the trigger but I knew I should not be spending $1,000 on another bear for me right now. A $100 bear, okay, but not a four-figure bear. Still, it was beautiful. I loved seeing it and talking to the creator about its origin.

We made our last stop at a local farmer’s market to pick up a freshly baked apple pie. It was the perfect way to end a “beary” good day.

Know someone who needs an estate sale or has great stuff to sell? Want to find out about our future events? Check out today!

PostHeaderIcon Great antiques abound at Great Falls VA estate sale

Be sure to get some rest so you have plenty of energy to peruse three floors of our Sept. 20-21 estate sale in a gorgeous old Great Falls, Virginia home. It is packed with great antiques from America and art from around the world. It’s also loaded with all kinds of gold and sterling silver including gorgeous silver flatware and tea/coffee sets, piles of great jewelry, neat old trunks including a pair that belonged to a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Apollo 15 crew autographs, blue Wedgwood china set, child’s saddle, 1950s school pull-down maps, collection of U.S. and world flags, pool table, doll house stuffed with fantastic furniture, a music room, vintage and antique tea and chocolate shipping crates, tons of furniture for humans, and so much more.

The sale runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Numbers handed out to early arrivers. Stay tuned here for more details this week. We’ll add the address here on Friday.

Find nearly 500 photos and counting on our Great Falls estate sale photo album on Facebook. Look for more details here later in the week, too.


PostHeaderIcon Daughter appreciates McLean estate sale service

Ann Reavey

Testimonial from Ann Reavey.  Orion’s Attic conducted an estate sale for her father in August 2014. We sold almost all of the contents of the home, consigned a few high-end pieces remaining from the sale, transported a number of other items to charity and left the house broom clean.

Fantastic!  Thank you so much!

I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with working with you and your crew. This process has been difficult logistically and emotionally, thank you for making it much easier for me on both fronts. Please know that I will enthusiastically recommend you to others!


PostHeaderIcon Let’s get eclectic at Bethesda estate sale Aug. 9-10

Let Orion’s Attic offer the following pop quiz:

Have you ever been to a single estate sale that was so eclectic that it included all of the following items: Genuine Native American art and jewelry, Quimper pottery, Jerry Garcia images, coat rack made of copper tubing, leather biker chick jacket, drone, Mermaid stained glass panel, life-sized pig figurine, bronze sculptures featuring emergency responders, lithographs and pins honoring each branch of America’s armed forces and a custom-made toilet seat adorned with nickels, dimes, quarters and Kennedy half-dollars?

If so, wow, you’ve lived a great life. If not, you absolutely have to come to our Bethesda, Maryland estate sale on Aug. 9-10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 6311 Poe Road, Bethesda MD 20817.

We found a more dizzying array of items piled on one over-sized farm table in this house than we often find in entire houses. One of the owners also dedicated much of his life to producing art and pins appealing to Vietnam Veterans and veterans of all branches of the military. The house is packed with piles of pieces he didn’t have time to sell before his passing. Both of the owners of this home lived life to the fullest, though, embracing every new thing they could see and experience. Now you’ll be able to get some gusto to take him with you!

See our Bethesda photo album on Facebook for some 600 photos. Tons more to come. More details on the way as well but make plans now to check out this sale. You really have to see this place.

Highlights include:

Art: Folk art including small metal dog, tin sun, wood sculptures, Jack Daniels bottle wind chime, beer can airplane, wood-carved airplane; signed pencil sketches; limited edition print of Jerry Garcia;

Cameras: Wide variety of modern and some vintage cameras, lenses and equipment used by the homeowner to produce his art;

China: Taylor-Smith; Italian plates with lobster motif

Own the coolest throne!

Clothing: Wide variety of vintage and women’s clothing and accessories (leather and beaded purses), beaded dress by Hyo Bee; men’s clothing including Jack Daniels belts;

Electronics: Spirit of St. Louis hands-free telephone; short-wave radio; large flat screen TV; Bose speakers; Pioneer stereo system; drone (yes, a drone – don’t know if it works yet);

Glass: Floral crystal glass candy dishes by Daniel Hechter; heavy glass elephant;

Furniture: You have got to see the toilet seat.  How many toilet seats are conversation starters? The one at this house is a clear seat embedded with coins; big farmhouse table with six matching wooden seats and two upholstered end seats; king-sized Sleep Number bed; hand-made coat rack made with copper pipes; suede couch; rocking chair; linen press; night stands;  wooden chairs; short stools; single bed; full bed; corner cabinet; reclining chairs; coffee tables; love seats; buffets; china cabinet; shipping trunks

Home Décor: Life-sized piggy bank; baskets; ceramic, glass and other figurines of all kinds of animals including squirrels, dogs, elephants; Hochst decorative egg; decorative lamps, Herend hungarian fishnet figurines

Jewelry: Several unique watches including one that is custom made featuring a watch on a half-dollar coin with a custom eagle-adorned band that is signed and numbered; costume jewelry from necklaces, pendants, brooches/pins, bracelets, earrings, rings, and so much more. Some pieces take the form of elephants, the sun, turtles; amethyst ring; signed pieces by makers such as Christopher Jupp; sterling silver Austrian crystal by HY Jewels; earrings made from old Bhutan coins; Christian Bernard watch; Laurel Burch watch with horsehead image;

Kitchen: Coffee pot, microwave oven, antique pots, food saver, hand-painted salt and pepper shaker;

Mermaids: There’s a veritable ocean full mermaids in this house including items such as: small stained glass panel, iron and other metal art, jewelry, clocks, candle holders; figurines; tiles; knives; footstool; drawings;

Military/Patriotic/Emergency Responder: This home was co-owned by an artisan who produced a wide variety of pieces appealing to Vietnam War veterans, veterans of other wars including World War II, Afghanistan, Iraq and more. Other pins honor the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines (we may also find Coast Guard but haven’t located a box yet.) You will find perhaps a thousand pins honoring those veterans along with pins honoring nurses, firefighters, police including women in law enforcement, K-9 units. He made clear etched glass blocks honoring the Vietnam Wall. He produced a variety of lithographs and prints (including some signed and numbered) honoring Vietnam veterans and other military and patriotic themes. The home contains a bit of the work of Tom Nielson including his striking limited edition print of an eagle against a flag backdrop called “Colors of Courage”; cast bronze sculptures; Marine Corps banner;

Misc.: Colorful kite with nude woman figure; oak walking stick with brass animal figure head; black wood walking stick with carved elephant; Tiffany & Co. playing cards; breakfast tray with architectural rendering of a ship; Jack Daniels leather-covered whiskey flask; MetroMeter Co. Trident water meter from New York; bull horns; natural sine compass; dust pan made from South Dakota license plate; Iraqi coins saved by British military;

Motorcycle Stuff: Gorgeous leather biker chick jacket; multiple Harley-Davidson items including four-tile floor logo, Custom Chrome ad featuring Albert Einstein; belt buckle, carrying bag, pins and more; pins honoring many different years of Motorcycle Week and other motorcycle pins such as the Biker’s 4-Leaf Clover; Framed print of 75th Annual Laconia Motorcycle Rally; what appears to be a die-cast figure of a winged, bikini-clad woman on a motorcycle; “Live to Ride” canteen; pottery with motorcycles painted on it; Sturgis shot glasses;

Musical Instruments: Guitars by Nagoya and Yamaha; vintage Sitar (needs re-stringing); stringed instrument from Africa; dulcimer;

Native American: Tapestries; jewelry; modern ceremonial pieces by the Lakota people;

Pottery: Great collection of pottery, sconces and figurines by Henriot Quimper (France); other signed pieces including R. Scot Hardwig (Lost Mountain Pottery), Stiles; Gail Heilmann;  hand-made and painted pieces from Italy including motifs of sunflowers; hand-painted ceramics of Portugal; Delft;

Know someone who needs a great estate sale company or has nifty antiques and collectibles to sell? Contact us today!

PostHeaderIcon McLean estate sale Aug. 2-3 packed with Asian décor, antiques, jewelry, vintage clothing and more

Our Aug. 2-3 estate sale in McLean, Virginia from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in shaping up to be another big one. [Address is 1513 Oakview Drive, McLean VA 22101.] Take a trip through many parts of Asia by perusing furniture and décor from across the continent. Scoop up heaping mounds of gold, silver and costume jewelry. Check out some good old fashioned American antiques. Get wild in the “nature room” full of wildlife and plant figurines and collectibles.

You’ll also find a stunning volume of kitchenware, china, flatware including sterling silver and bronze, a smattering of vintage toys, tools, a large collection of vintage books, pottery, antique bottles, area rugs, baskets, art, vintage refrigerators, and more items than we can list here.

Check back here for more details as the week progresses. No early birds. Numbers handed out to early arrivers.

View more than 400 photos and counting on our McLean estate sale Facebook photo album.

Highlights include:

Asian antiques: Chinese lacquer sewing desk, ebonized with abalone (1840s-1870s); Ladies headside chest, China, late Qing period (1900 to early 20th century); Chinese bookcase cabinet (late 19th to early 20th century); Betel Nut box — brass with silver inlay — from the Phillipines;

Asian décor: Chinese snuff bottle (1870s – 1900); Cloisonne vases, napkin holders, jars, candle sticks; Chinese cinnabar-style enamel decorate porcelain vase and snuff bottle; Small Chinese rayon tapestry “Two Horses and a Groom by Han Kan”; hand-carved chair; soapstone carving from Korea; brass butterfly candleholder used by a madam in Korea to let people know she was open for business; small brass cooking pot from Korea; black lacquer plates; Korean brass hotpot with decorative lid; Chinese brass symbols for variety of wishes including peace, longevity and others; so much more.

American antiques: Victorian chests, dressers, dropleaf table with marble top; Louis Myers pencil sharpener, (1912); Skandia Furniture Co. secretary; framed mirrors; Kenney Brothers student chair with W.C. Eclipse school desk; rocking chairs; end tables; cane seat chairs; spindle back chairs;

Art: Etching by James S. King (active in late 1800s and early 1900s); Henri Le Riche signed etching; Dong Kingman San Francisco prints; Emergency Fleet Corporation meeting photo (1918); oil on canvas paintings; watercolors; pencil drawings; pen and ink drawings.

Books, Magazines and Newspapers: Many bookshelves packed with antique, vintage and modern books on wide range of subjects – clearly the home of serious readers; Small collection of old newspapers covering events including John F. Kennedy assassination, election of President Herbert Hoover, shooting of Pope John Paul and shooting of President Reagan; Large magazine collection from 1940s through 2000s including but not limited to Air World (1946),  Look (1970s), Life (1960s and 70s), Photography (1951), Radio Stars (1937), Sports Digest (1946), Air Force (1945) and Wings (1943)

Bottles: Blanchard and Co. Whiskey, Curtice Brothers, Dr. Hookers Cough & Croup Syrup, Fellows Syrup of Hypophosphites, Larkin Soap Co., Philips Milk of Magnesia (1906), Sloans Linament,

China: Adams (Member of Wedgwood Group), Crownford; Royal Tara (Ireland); Myott (Staffordshire, England); Regency; M.Z. (Austria); Rosenthale; Dansk; W & J Sloane; plates hand painted in Portugal by Azuller; Hammersley; Lenox; Noritake; Nippon;

Clothing: Start your own boutique women’s clothing shop or find the perfect retro item to make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Hats, dresses, jackets, shirts, suits, skirts, pants, blouses, shoes, scarves and much more for all seasons.

Glass: EO Brody Company candy dish; antique cruets; ruby Bohemian or Bohemian-style bowl featuring winter scene; all kinds of lead crystal including American Brilliant Cut;

Flatware: Sterling silver, bronze, silver plate and more. Sterling flatware set (70 pcs) by Towle in Mary Chilton pattern (Pat. 1912); Saiam flatware.

Furniture: Brass bed (double); dining table with extension leaves and six chairs; Stakmore folding chairs; love seats; full bedroom set with double bed; bar stools; what appears to be a black leather couch (needs a bit of cleaning); end tables

Home Décor: Antique wall hanging; decorative lamps; antique oval Shaker box;

Jewelry: Fine jewelry, including a platinum diamond ring, numerous vintage and modern gold and sterling silver pieces and precious stones; a mountain of costume jewelry from necklaces, pendants, brooches/pins, bracelets, earrings, rings, and so much more. “Ant rings” are a must-see.

Kitchen: Microwave oven; KitchenAid mixer; Imperia pasta maker; Krups Panini grill; tons of cookware (enough to fill up the kitchen, giant shelves in the basement and some closets); flowered coffee mugs; meat grinder; jars; bamboo serving trays; cookbooks; dishes; ball jar;

Misc.: Washer and dryer; old refrigerators

Nature Room: We’ve rounded up just about every item in the house with a plant or animal and put it all in one room. You’ll feel like you’re walking into a nature preserve. Orange glass butterflies. Bronze miniature animals. All kinds of elephants. Flocks of birds. Flowers galore. Frogs. A three foot tall giraffe. Dogs. Cats.

Pottery: Italian pottery including Dip A Mano and Ceramiche; Buffalo Pottery Semi Vitreous Pitcher;

Rugs: A number of area rungs, including Afghan Turkoman rug and Konya Mountain Turkish rug

Sterling Silver: Sterling nut dish bowls by Gorham; Sterling holloware pitcher by Manchester; collectible sterling spoons by Kirk & Son, Gorham, etc.; Tiffany sterling bowl; several weighted sterling candle holders.

Tools: Black and Decker saw; hand tools; gardening tools

Toys: A nice little group of vintage toys including Tonka trucks, building blocks, fire trucks and cars, pull toy, puzzles, games, dolls and more.

Know someone who needs a great estate sale company or who has neat antiques and collectibles to sell? Contact us today!

PostHeaderIcon Tools, jewelry, advertising, wildlife headline Silver Spring estate sale

We’re hosting another big Silver Spring, Maryland estate sale on June 28-29, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This sale is bursting at the seams with all kinds of tools, jewelry (gold, silver, costume, vintage), antique sterling silver flatware, advertising (especially related to alcohol), furniture, player piano with hundreds of song scrolls, vintage radios and whole cases of old radio and TV tubes, kitchenware, lamps, records, a grandfather clock and more. There’s an excellent library of books on subjects including history (Civil War and 20th century history), guns, Ireland, cooking, bartending and gardening.

VIEW MORE THAN 1,000 PHOTOS on our Facebook page via Album 1 and Album 2! We’ll keep adding all the way until the sale starts. (Address is 324 Old Stone Road, Silver Spring MD.) No early birds allowed. Numbers will be given to early-arrivers.

Highlights of the sale in alphabetical order:

ADVERTISING: Coca-Cola trays and mirrors; Wine crates; Mirrors and art by companies including Southern Comfort, Guinness, Coach & Horses, Heineken, Cutty Shark, Wild Turkey, Lochan Ora, Smith & Wesson; Decorative decanters including stagecoaches, cowboys on horses, old cars, ducks, geese, turkeys; liquor dispensers including gas pumps and fire hydrants; liquor glasses by brands including Ancient Orange bourbon; Budweiser stein; German steins;

ART: White House Christmas print of Red Room with signatures of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy; Ansel Adams print; huge variety of limited edition prints, watercolors, photographs and oil on canvas paintings with themes including the American west, ships, cityscapes, Montgomery County history, Maryland history, American Revolution, Paris, wildlife, classic cars (Lamborghini, Corvette); Spartacus bust signed by S. Eylanbekov; NASA Apollo program prints

BOOKS AND MAGAZINES: Tremendous collection of books including some high-end on the subjects of guns (history, collecting, values), hunting, fishing, travel, cooking, American history (Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, modern presidents and more), world history; vintage magazines and auction catalogs of guns; other vintage magazines including Electronics Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Field & Stream,

CAMERAS: Keystone 8mm magazine camera, Model K-40; Polaroid Sun 640; Clix Candid Camera; Baby Brownie; Canon AF 35; JVC GZ-S3 video camera; Foldex 20;

CAMPING GEAR: Coleman lantern in box; Coleman camp stove – apparently never used;

CHINA: Dining room table covered in mound of china by makers including X; decorative china made in Occupied Japan; Keele Street Pottery; hand-painted plates made in Austria by O. & E.G; hand-painted plates made in Bavaria; Maling china made in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England; Seltmann Weldman (Bavaria) cabinet plates featuring work by artists including Francisco de Goya, Rubens, and Cassioli

CHRISTMAS: Collection of lights, ornaments, bulbs, manger scenes and decor

CLOCKS: W Jones mahogany grandfather clock

CLOTHING: Shirts, belts, shoes and more for a large man; women’s clothing and accessories

ELECTRONICS: Electric typewriters by IBM; all kinds of fax machines, tape recorders, computer hard drives and key boards; HP Office Jet 6110 printer new in box; heavy duty monitor arm; wide variety of older push button telephones; Ceiling fans new in box; Bissell Power Steamer new in box; all kinds of fans; televisions

HOME DÉCOR: Hand-made quilts; decorative glass; painted sea shells; wood-carved wine display; Delft-Blauw vases; pottery made in Austria; Roseville candlestick; brass firewood holder; Lenox figurines

FLATWARE: Sterling flatware set (Danish Crown by Frigast), David Anderson Norwegian sterling flatware, Tiffany sterling baby spoon, George Jensen Denmark Spoon, Gorham sterling spoon, Norwegian Sterling Plique A Jour spoons By Johan G Kjaerland, Guatemala coin silver spoons, and many other collectible sterling spoons; numerous serving pieces, from sterling and silver-plate to stainless; several sets of stainless flatware

FURNITURE: Multiple bedroom sets including master bedroom with huge Thomasville bed, dresser, armoire; Broyhill bedroom set with pair of single beds; lodge-style couches and chairs; antique sideboard and display cabinet; modern lighted display cabinet; Mirassou wine wrack; pair of leather-topped bar stools; Mid-Century desk; black secretary desk needing new back panel; end tables; coffee tables

GARDEN: Tools; lighting; birdfeeders and more

JEWELERY: Fine jewelry, from a vintage Tiffany brooch through numerous vintage and modern gold and sterling silver pieces and precious stones; abundant costume jewelry from necklaces, pendants, brooches/pins, bracelets, earrings, rings, and so much more. The family is still going through most of the jewelry and will hand us the rest in a day or two. More details and photos coming.

KALEIDOSCOPES: Three very nice kaleidoscopes including Spirit Scope;

KITCHENWARE: Etched drinking glasses; crystal champagne glasses; coffee mugs; many appliances and gadgets (some new in box) including Cuisinart food processor, Novita digital pressure cooker, Bella Panini grill, Black & Decker countertop oven; Presto skillet, Flow-Thru salad spinner, coffee pots and coffee grinder; all kinds of pots and pans; spice wracks; mason jars; face mug; Norman Rockwell painted coffee mugs;

LICENSE PLATES: Pair of Pennsylvania license plates, one from 1940s and other from 1950s; Maryland license plates from 1980s;

LIGHTING: Cork lamps; leaded glass hanging lamps; decorative lamps; hanging pendant lamps new box;

MISC: Pokemon cards; new and used suitcases; medical devices including Lympha Press and Sequential Circulator; thermoelectric cooler;

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Player piano (Standard Artistic Action — not sure about condition) and hundreds of piano rolls/music sheet scrolls new in the box; banjo

ANTIQUE RADIO CABINETS AND RADIO AND TV TUBES: Brunswick Radio Corporation Uniselector Furniture Cabinet Radio 1930s (condition uncertain); RCA Victrola stereo cabinet (stereo removed, radio missing parts); Fantastic collection of new old stock radio and TV tubes in original boxes plus salesman’s case;

RECORDS, CDS AND VIDEOS: Great collection of records covering multiple genres such as rock, jazz, country, classical, showtunes, comedy and more. Artists include Beatles, Rolling Stones, Frankie Lymon, Ray Charles, Joe Houston, Cole Porter, Mach One (U.S. Air Force Rock Band), Hank Williams, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, Patsy Cline, Kiss, Simon & Garfunkel, Bill Cosby, Dolly Parton, and many, many more. DVDs of movies such as Shawshank Redemption and others featuring John Wayne;

RECREATION: Free weights with benches and bench press bar; girls’ Huffy mountain bike; men’s Brittany Free Spirit road bike

SPORTS MEMORABILIA AND DÉCOR: Coca-Cola bottles from Washington Redskins 1983 Super Bowl championship; Coca-Cola bottle from Baltimore Ravens; Photograph of Cole Field House at the University of Maryland; University of Maryland couch pillows; vintage Washington Redskins jacket (large man); Washington Redskins beverage glasses;

STAMPS: First day covers with automobile themes.

STEREO: Vintage and modern stereos, CD players, radios and speakers by companies including Panasonic, Sony, Admiral and more – some new in the box.

TOOLS: An entire basement that is flooded with tools, way more than we could ever list or photograph — some new in the box. You’ll find all kinds of wet saws and various power saws by makers including Craftsman, power snips, nail guns, hand saws, wrenches, clamps, hammers, axes, ratchet and socket sets, power wrenches, battery testers, bolt cutters, hex key wrench set, tubing benders, glue guns, ratcheting screw driver and bit sets, drills, stud finders, screw drivers, nuts, bolts, tool boxes, painting supplies, sanders, high-powered flash lights, tool cabinets, electric pole saw, plumbing tools, air tanks, battery chargers, gas connector kit, shop vac, swing arm magnifying lamp, braces, coaxial cable, dollies, shovels, rakes. We’ve got everything including a kitchen sink plus a variety of faucets to put in it.

TOYS: Nice collection of die-cast vehicles including 1926 Mack AC Rotary Pumper, 1932 Cadillac V-16 Roadster, 1935 Dusenberg, 1932 Chevrolet Confederate, 1916 Mack AC Bulldog, 1956 Ford Thunderbird, Coca-Cola delivery truck, 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, Sherwood Forest delivery vehicle, Standard Oil Company Delivery vehicle, Ford Thunderbird; Model stagecoach including Wells Fargo Overland Stage

WILDLIFE DÉCOR: Murano glass fish; taxidermy ducks and other birds; kitchen and barware with birds including ducks, mallards, herons and turkeys; duck quilt square; photos, paintings and carvings of butterflies, ducks and many other birds; bronze or aluminum bird wreath sculpture; painting of buck deer on split log; “Ducks Taking Flight” painted plates by David Maass; Signed bells featuring eight birds including nuthatch, oriole and more; pewter bookends with ducks; Hummingbirds by Gorham; figurines of birds, dogs, and elephants;

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PostHeaderIcon Silver Spring estate sale stuffed with antiques, fine art, militaria, jewelry, Mid Century furniture and more!

Oil on canvas painting dated 1615

We’re ecstatic about the May 31 and June 1 estate sale we’re hosting in Silver Spring, Maryland on May 31 and June 1 and hope you will be, too. This house is stuffed with some serious treasures including antiques, fine art, Mid Century and Mid Century Modern furniture, jewelry, including numerous gold and sterling pieces, and one of the best military collections we’ve ever found.

A full list follows below but return here for updates and additional photos as the week unfolds. View hundreds of photos on our Silver Spring estate sale photo album on Facebook. Address is 4014 Havard Street, Silver Spring MD.)

We still have a lot to unpack and examine so return to this site for updates all the way up to opening day. (Our clients just called and said they’re bringing more stuff from storage!) No early birds. Numbers handed out to early arrivers.

Antiques and Vintage Furniture and Decor: Beds, dressers, side tables, lamps, chairs, couches, Louis XV style cartel clock carved and gilded (made in Sweden); Magnavox radio cabinet;

Mid Century and Mid Century Modern Furniture: Couch, wood-framed chairs, molded Lucite chair with chromed metal base, lamps, stackable cabinet made in Denmark by Ervi-Mobler; dining set with table, chairs, buffet and china cabinet;

Art: Large oil on canvas painting dated 1615 of 29-year-old man; 18th century oil on canvas painting of figures at ruined building with nameplate attributed to Jacopo Marieschi (our research indicates it is not by Marieschi himself but a follower or someone painting in his style); 18th century painting of a gentleman in a powdered wig; statues;

China and Kitchen: China by Mikasa, Homer Laughlin, Nippon, Lenox and others; painted plates made in Italy (Benrose), Greece and elsewhere; stemware; coffee pots; stemware;

Great selection of Mid Century and Mid Century Modern here

Decorative Glass: Perfume bottles; hobnail vase; Wheaton miniature bottles;

Figurines: Royal Doulton; Coronetti;

Glassware: All kinds of bowls, vases and plates; crystal; decanters; jars; handmade glass by Empire with sterling;

Home Décor: Large brass wall sconces; mirrors;

Jewelry: Fine jewelry, from very old 14K necklace and brooch with amazing artisanship through numerous vintage and modern gold and sterling silver pieces; abundant costume jewelry from necklaces, pendants, brooches/pins, bracelets, earrings, rings, and so much more.

Lamps: Leaded glass hanging lamp; chandeliers; table lamps.


Militaria: This is one of the best military collections we have found in a long time and includes an excellent blend of original and high quality reproduction pieces. The list of items available includes but is not limited to Civil War buttons and insignia (some authentic and many reproduction – great for the Civil War re-enactor enthusiast); uniforms, badges and pins from World War I, World War II, Vietnam and other eras; trench art from World War II; original U.S. World War II propaganda poster (“Help Them – Keep Your War Savings Pledge”); Air Force sword; Vietnam flight jacket; Royal Air Force badges; Wings from U.S., England and others; Army Air Force Cloth Chart of Philippines; Gear including folding shovels and mess kits; Post World War II caps, hats and clothing from Germany, Russia and elsewhere; Red Cross flag; American flag;

Toys and Games: Array of chess sets including set with hand-carved African pieces, another set with brass pieces; Tonka truck; Anson Classic 1947 Cadillac

Pottery: Signed and hand-thrown pieces including Irish pottery.

Women’s Clothing and Accessories: Designer handbags and women’s clothing;

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PostHeaderIcon Hyattsville estate sale packed with collectibles, Coca-Cola room, jewelry, vintage toys and more

Coca-Cola lighted fan for sale

Make plans now to attend our May 17-18, 2014 Hyattsville, Maryland estate sale that will include a staggering number of collectibles (especially figurines), Coca-Cola room, countless paintings covering many walls, Christmas collectibles, teddy bears, furniture, china, appliances, motorcycle, car, bicycles, jewelry including gold and silver, hair salon chairs and equipment, tools, vintage toys, vintage ladies clothing, baby clothes and much more.

The home owner has lived in home for decades and there are so many smalls and collectibles that we had to donate much of the furniture in the home to make room to display them!

We will post additional updates here in the days ahead along with many more photos. You can also find updates on our Web site at and on our Facebook page at Videos coming soon.

The sale will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. No early birds allowed. Early arrivers will receive numbers for entry. Address to be posted here the day before the sale.

Here’s a partial list of what we’ve uncovered so far:

Art: Oil on canvas painting of a bearded man whose eyes seem to follow you across the room; Countless pieces of inexpensive oil on canvas and board wall art with heavy emphasis on cottage scenes, flowers, beaches, light houses, ships and the sea; Scores of mansion, home, city skyline and Gone With The Wind plaques signed by Sheila;

Beanie Babies: Hundreds of Beanie Babies including those from 3rd generation plus Coca-Cola Beanies

Suzuki Savage 650

Teddy Bears: It’s as if Teddy Roosevelt himself convened a teddy bear convention. There have to be at least several hundred bears of every size and shape in this house and they’re all in excellent condition, some with original boxes. Won’t surprise us if number passes 500.

Bicycles: Pink Predator Pro; GT BMX Performer Pro; Ross EuroTour

Board Games: All kinds of current and some vintage board games.

Books: Modern and older hardbacks and paperbacks on history (Civil War and many other subjects), religion, diet, health, arts and crafts, nature and many other subjects; modern and old children’s books; coffee table books

Cameras: A small group of vintage still and video cameras

China: Multiple sets of china including Noritake, Staffordshire Ironstone,

Eschenbach (Germany), Bavarian, Haviland Limoges (France), Shelley (England) cup and saucers, La Fleur gold-rimmed coffee cups, Pfaltzgraff, china with duck decor

Christmas Stuff: Every manner of Christmas décor, bulbs, paper, trees, lights and more

Clothing – adult: Vintage women’s clothing including hats, purses, handbags (Prada, bottega veneda, etc.), dresses, fur coats, leather jackets, shoes

Clothing – baby: Mountains of baby clothes and infant clothes for girls and boys including shoes, boots, pants, dresses, suits, bibs, pajamas, shirts.

Coca-Cola Collectibles: The Coke room includes a great ceiling fan, plus polar bears, plaques, glasses, lamps, towels, puzzles, clocks, signs, nightlights, snow globes, figurines, Coca-Cola Picnic Barbie, Beanie Babies, train car, antique wallets and more.

Crafts: All kinds of arts and crafts supplies including silk and plastic flowers, pine cones, reference books, paints and more

Dolls: Wide variety of dolls including Marian Yu Designs, Brinn’s Collectible Porcelain, Princess House, Heritage, Memories, and more

Electronics: Stereo, vintage Apple McIntosh SE computer, Animated Holiday Symphonium

Figurines: Many hundreds of animal figurines including ducks, horses, elephants, dolphins and dogs (Collies); human character figurines by Enesco; Norman Rockwell figurines; Hummel figurines; numerous lighthouses

Furniture: Dining table and chairs, china cabinet, office chairs, rocking chairs, student desks, roll-top desk, marble-topped vanity, toy chests, reclining chairs, book cases, jewelry cabinets, patio furniture, mahogany flatware chest

Glass: Red decorative glass, unused lead crystal glassware in boxes, multiple punch bowl sets, pair of vintage milk bottles, Fostoria glass, unused lead crystal or etched glassware in boxes, multiple punch bowl sets and cake stands

Harley-Davidson Collectibles: Some great coffee table books, several figurines, black Christmas stocking, belt buckle and a few other items.

Hair Salon: Vintage and modern hair salon equipment and supplies including washing chair, dryers and all kinds of products (homeowner operated salon in basement)

Home Décor: Pair of leaded glass kitchen cabinet doors; lamps from Victorian to modern; piles of blankets and linens; lots of décor related to beaches and oceans including light house lamps, shells, art, miniature ships

Jewelry: We’ll have a jewelry room with fine jewelry, including gold and sterling silver, as well as mountain of costume jewelry; rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pins, earrings, charms, etc.

Kitchen: Cutlery, Reed & Barton flatware, cookie jars, glasses, cookware, dishes, NFL team glasses/mugs (Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills)

Lamps: Lovely assortment of banquet lamps including some two-tier, hand-painted Victorian-style lamps, kerosene oil lamps, and decorative lighthouse lamps, including an unusual vintage Port & Starboard lamp.

Miscellaneous: Four nifty vintage matchbooks; fishing gear including lures; fish tanks and accessories;

Musical Instruments: Organ (not sure yet about condition), Yamaha PSS-270 keyboard

Puzzles: There have to be at least 50 puzzles, maybe a lot more.

Thimbles: Probably 100-plus thimbles made from variety of materials including porcelain, cloisonné, brass, tin and more.

Tools: Variety of household and garden tools; Craftsman tools;

Toys: Fantastic assortment of toys spanning decades. They include two working musical carousels in near mint condition; numerous dolls; doll houses and doll furniture; Hess trucks; metal farm vehicles; all kinds of vintage and modern Fisher Price toys; Barbie; Construx; Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars; Lego sets; cookware sets; McDonald’s miniature food set; HO scale model trains, scenes and accessories by AHM, Tyco, Life-Line.

Vehicles: Suzuki Savage 650 motorcycle in excellent condition with clear title with 3,440 miles on it; 1983 Monte Carlo with blown radiator and much rust on the driver’s side – great restoration project; small number of auto and motorcycle parts, starters, alternators, tires and rims.

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